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What happens after I apply?

After you apply we contact you within 5 days. We will then immediately give you our assessment with regards to the feasibility of your internship request. If you are ready to proceed we then take follow up steps to secure your internship in Spain.

Am I bound to you in any way applying?

No. The registration is only to assess whether your internship request is feasible. After our first assessment you can indicate whether you want us to finalize your placement or not. So with sending in an application you aren't bound to a contract or something of the sort.

When do I have to pay?

After we have reviewed your documents and are convinced that we can place you, we require a deposit. This deposit is to ensure we are dealing with an applicant that isn't playing around.

If you were available for an internship, but we weren't able to place you, then you your deposit will be refunded. We work No Cure No Pay so you have nothing to lose.

Do you guarantee my placement?

Though we are very successful in placing students all over world, for more than 20 years now, we can't give guarantees. Note however that we work No Cure No Pay so if we can't place you, you owe us nothing.

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Je stage in Spanje organiseren we zo

  1. Je schrijft je in
  2. We doen een eerste check op haalbaarheid en vragen extra info
  3. Onze Spanje recruiters geven een second opinon
  4. Als je plaatsing haalbaar is, doe jij een aanbetaling
  5. We zoeken een passende stage
  6. Jij doet follow up tests en interviews
  7. Jij ontvangt stage voorstellen
  8. Jij, je school en het bedrijf komen tot een overeenkomst
  9. We leveren extra diensten, zoals huisvesting, etc indien gewenst
  10. Jij ontvangt een eindnota
  11. Done! Op naar Spanje!

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