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Frequently Asked Questions about Internships abroad in Qatar

Engaging in an internship in Qatar can raise a lot of questions. That's why we have made a list of questions that come in frequently. Can't find your question here, please contact us.

  1. Why should I do an internship abroad?

    • Having experience abroad makes you stand out against competitors in the career market..
    • It shows that you are not afraid to dare and step out of your comfort zone.
    • You show that you don’t passively wait for chances to be given to you by others, but create your own opportunity
    • You have proven that you can handle yourself and can cope with unexpected situations
    • You’ll learn to speak another language fluently, get to know the country from inside out and have fun!

    In a nutshell, an internship abroad is a great investment in your future. You will learn important skills for when you need to operate in an international environment. Our experience is that anyone who has finished and internship abroad comes back stronger and more confident on a personal and professional level.

  2. What type of internships can I do?

    We deliver tailor-made placements for each subscription. Click below for an overview of internship types we can arrange.

  3. Who can register? Is your nationality is important?

    We have no requirements with regards to nationality. Click here for an overview of general eligibility requirements for the internship in Qatar program.

  4. What are the language requirements?

    Your English should be at intermediate level or higher at the start of internship. Students with low-level English speaking skills can include language training as the first part of their placement.

  5. How long in advance should I apply?

    The sooner, the better. We advise to apply 4-8 weeks in advance. We do accept late registrations but whether we can help you will be dependent on availability. Are you really in a hurry? Than you might want to consider an internship in China, which often can be arranged in 2 weeks. You could also have a look at our list of last minute internship abroad opportunities.

  6. How does the placement process work?

  7. Do you guarantee my placement?

    We don't give guarantees. If we can't place you, you owe us nothing though, because we work: No Cure No Pay.

    Because we have been very successful in making placements for more than 20 years we can quickly assess if a placement request is feasible or not. So do apply and we will inform you immediately about your chances.

  8. What does it cost and when should I pay?

    Please see our Internship in Qatar price list..

    After we have reviewed your documents and are convinced that we can place you in Qatar, we require a deposit. This deposit is to ensure we are dealing with an applicant that isn't playing around.

    If we can't place you your deposit will be refunded. We work No Cure No Pay for more than 20 years now, so you have nothing to lose.

  9. Am I eligible for an internship scholarship?

    It's possible. This differs from country to country so we would like to encourage you to contact us for more detailed information.

  10. Are the internships paid?

    Paid internships are available in Australia, China, Curacao, Germany, France and New Zealand. Internships are often paid in these countries.

    We can also arrange paid internships in America or Singapore, but the availability in these countries is limited. You can also take a look list of current internship abroad. There might be a position on there that fits your needs.

    In other countries, internships abroad are generally unpaid learning experiences. Please note that employers are not obligated to pay wages, as an internship is considered a learning opportunity and is not an employment position.

  11. Can I do an internship with my college friend (s)?

    Yes you can. We frequently have duo assignments. Dependant on the specific internship it can be more or less feasible to arrange a duo internship. But we can definitely try, so please apply with your friends, so we have more details about your situations and we can give a more precise answer.

  12. Can I qualify for special discounts?

    Yes. We offer early booking discounts and "regular customer" discounts. Contact us for more information.

  13. I have another question

    Can’t find your question on this page? Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Student Housing in Qatar - Doha

  1. Can you arrange for me internship housing in Qatar?

    Yes, we can. See the page internship housing in Qatar for the options.

  2. What type of housing can you book and what are the costs?

    That depends on the country. Click here for the options & rates.

  3. With whom do you live together?

    That depends on the type of accommodation you choose. In general, you can stay in:

    • a shared apartment or student residence in which you stay with other students or long stay travellers living on a budget.
    • a host family. If you choose this option you stay with a local English family.

    Click here for the options & rates.

  4. Am I obliged to book housing with my internship?

    No. It is an optional extra service.

  5. Can you also book an accommodation for me if I already have an internship?

    Yes, we can. A booking fee will be applicable.

  6. How are the accommodations selected?

    We select accommodations that are clean and have facilities relevant for the long stay traveller (for instance kitchen, laundry facilities, etc). The homes are personally visited by our coordinators on site.

  7. Can I book housing for me and my friend (s)?

    Yes, no problem.

  8. Do the host families in a non-English speaking country speak English?

    Not always. This all will be indicated in advance so you can choose. Look at it like this, it will offer you the chance to become more fluent in speaking the local language!

  9. Are the accommodations equipped with Internet?

    Yes, in most cases. It will be indicated in advance.

  10. I have another question

    Can’t find your question on this page? Please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Language Training in Qatar

  1. Why should I take a English in Qatar?

    Taking a language course while you live and work in the country is perhaps the quickest and most effective way to learn a language and to learn about the culture.

    This applies to both beginners and advanced English speakers. You are more or less forced to improvise, to interact spontaneously, make connections and to understand what is said within its context.

    Our experience is that it is very stimulating, it helps to bring your English skills to a higher level and it contributes to your personal growth.

    Plus it is fun! .

  2. How long does it take you to master a language?

    This all depends on the person and the situation. However spending a lot of hours speaking a language will obviously enhance your skills! Furthermore, training in real-life situations is often way better than learning in laboratory simulated situations. What also makes learning another language easier is if you have already have taken language training before and/or already speak a second or third language. You're already accustomed to thinking in more than one language.

    It is also said that people from the Germanic language area learn English, Dutch and German faster than people from the Latin language angle (eg French, Spanish, Italian). Vice versa the same applies. Someone from Korea has difficulty learning German, but learning Chinese or Japanese is relatively easy, while for someone who speaks English learning Chinese is a bigger challenge.

  3. Do I have to take language training to do an internship in Qatar?

    It depends. Your English should be Students with low-level English speaking skills can include language training as the first part of their placement.

  4. Can I book a language course if I have already arranged an internship myself?

    Yes. A booking fee will apply.

  5. How do I choose the course that is right for me?

    If you are an beginner, you could take a test to determine the level at which you can start.

    Furthermore it all really depends on your wishes. Do you want to improve your general English speaking skills, are you more interested in studying business English or do you have another study objective? There is an appropriate course at every level.

  6. Can I participate in excursions and trips for students?

    Yes, the institutes often organize social & cultural activities and trips. These trips are not mandatory and charges are not included in the price of the course.

  7. How can I combine the language course with my internship?

    Most students arrive 2-4 weeks earlier. Others opt for evening training if possible.

  8. Do I get a certificate after the course?

    Yes, usually you will receive a certificate at the end of the course. Please check this page for more info on course details.

  9. When can I start a course?

    There is a course starting on every Monday.

  10. What is the size of the class?

    Typically 6 to 12 students. The low group size provides a high level of individual attention so the teacher is able to address the linguistic needs of each participant.

  11. I have another question

    Can’t find your question on this page? Please contact us.

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