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Chile is particularly interesting for adventurers who would like to learn or improve their Spanish in the middle of South America while staying in an environment that is modern and stable. Don’t expect to see the cliche of Indians living in huts. The strong economic growth has transformed Chile into a very modern country, while the history is preserved and the future is embraced. A true gem on earth!

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Chile is one of the most prosperous countries of South America. The population is well educated and the job market is growing fast. Unlike many neighboring countries there is a large middle class that has build quite some capital resources. Chile is an economic bright spot! You’ll find many multinationals and enterprises. In fact anyone who wants to invest or wants to start a business is welcome. This also applies to foreign interns! Want to gain to experience South America tot the fullest and practise your Spanish while your at it? Choose Chile!

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The info above may sound nice alright, but practical aspects, like finding an internship in Chile and setting it all up isn't easy at times. The good news is that we can help you. See how it works!

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