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Wil jij graag stage lopen in Berlijn? Beschik je een goed zakelijk inzicht en heb je goede communicatieve vaardigheden? Sluit je dan aan bij ons ...

Land: Germany | Stad: Berlijn | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 450 EUR p.m. | Id=1227

Studeer jij Toerisme én weet jij hoe je initiatief moet nemen? Dan hebben wij een uitdagende stage voor jou op Curaçao!    Wat ...

Land: Curacao | Stad: Willemstad | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: Nafl 450,- pm | Id=1222

The company is a full-service digital design, development and marketing agency. Website development – Digital Marketing – Mobile app – E-commerce – Social media management – SEM ...

Land: United Arab Emirates | Stad: Dubai | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: | Id=1220

Internship in Bankok Advanced students studying in the realms of Tourism Management and/or International Business & Management are eligible to qualify for an ...

Land: Thailand | Stad: Bangkok | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: | Id=1219

The company , established in 1997, is the world’s premier entertainment news agency providing the most exciting celebrity news to online, print and broadcast media outlets ...

Land: Engeland | Stad: Kentish Town - London | Start datum: Asap | Betaling: | Id=1216

De onderneming is een klein bedrijf (8 FTE) die workshops in communicatie, sales, management aanbiedt aan bedrijven, maar ook workshops voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling aan ...

Land: France | Stad: Saint-Denis/Paris | Start datum: | Betaling: N/A | Id=1215

The company is a Barcelona - Spain based tour operator with an important role in the world of sports and incentive travel. We have a unique, dynamic, enthusiastic and ...

Land: Spanje | Stad: Barcelona | Start datum: Flexible | Betaling: 200-300 EUR p.m. | Id=1214

De onderneming is een SEO en Gaming bedrijf gevestigd op Malta. Het bedrijf heeft jarenlange ervaring in deze, een jong en flexibel team en heeft in verband met de groei plannen ...

Land: Malta | Stad: Madliena | Start datum: Asap | Betaling: 400 EUR p.m. | Id=1211

The company founded by a Dutch management team is active in the field of consultancy and aimed at bridging the gap between Western and Chinese Companies. As such they specialize ...

Land: China | Stad: Shanghai | Start datum: Asap | Betaling: 350 EURO pm | Id=1207

The company with it's headquarters in Berlin, runs a meta-search platform providing for job seekers. The companies mission is to upgrade the job-hunting experience and become ...

Land: Germany | Stad: Berlin | Start datum: ASAP | Betaling: n/a | Id=1206

Qatar - Web Developer Intern in Doha StageId 946

Creative Design, ICT-Software Development, Media, Entertainment
Free housing + 500 QAR


The company provides a platform focused on inspiring leadership, business development and creative & artistic expression. The company operates as an independent organization, physical platform for young people to explore their talents and capabilities; to equip themselves with different skills; to gain an experience that will help them in their personal and professional growth; and to network and spend leisure time.

The company’s headquarters is an office space has multiple units, each with an own designation, from offering space for young creative entrepreneurs to develop ideas, build businesses, to offering space to young and aspiring artists, fashion designers, music and video producers and even dancers and other forms of creative expression.

As such the company offers office spaces designated to these specific areas. The mayor areas are:

  • The business floor where we host young entrepreneurs, start-ups and individuals and we provide business units for rent.
  • A Learning space, which can be used for co-working, studying, tutorship, trainings, workshops and lectures, counselling and mentorship sessions.
  • A studio room, which hosts young musicians and talents in multi-media production.
  • the ground floor, which is used for hosting various events: from conferences, lectures, workshops, movie screenings and more.
  • a shopping corner, which aims to exhibit and sell the selection of clothes & merchandise created by young designers.
  • a café, offering hot and cold drinks and snacks to the visitors of our spaces.
  • a game zone where the youth can spend leisure time, play video games, foosball or book any table games.
  • a gym and fitness area aimed to promote healthier lifestyle among youth.


The company is managed, operated and run by young people and as such we welcome young individuals with various academic backgrounds and interests, to help us manage and market our spaces and organize a wide array of events for the several target audiences.

For the many students who are involved with our projects (more than 20.000) we are looking for an intern in the area of Web Development Digital Online Marketing..

An ideal Web developer is responsible for the face of our organization to the online world and will convert all the amazing work of our organization into a visual form for everyone outside to experience. The purpose of your job is:

  • Getting requirements, sketch, develop, test, and produce with excellence the agreed events that are in line with the company’s mission and vision
  • Develop websites effectively and efficiently as per their priority offered by the company.


You will be required to work closely with all the staff in regards of what project they are working on and what do they exactly need on their website. We want you to explore and provide more opportunities for our company in today’s website competition, and here is how you can do it:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop websites in a given time frame.
  • Upload content to several websites with deadlines.
  • Fix technical problems.
  • Make existing applications compatible.
  • Implement security measures.
  • Should be able to develop an online portal that can differentiate between staff and general members and provides every user a profile.
  • Build content and learning management systems and other intranet applications.
  • Use animations and design graphics.
  • Consult with customers.
  • Change applications according to new specifications.
  • Use Dreamweaver, Visual Studio and other web authoring software.
  • Incorporate CSS in web pages.
  • Travel to events and seminars.
  • Attend meetings and workshops.

Administrative Responsibilities:
To ensure perfection, we would also require you to be logical, organized and with an administrative experience and background:

  • Produce purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, and quotations according to the given standard and following the guidelines of the company
  • Keep track of all websites servers by making databases and constantly updating them.
  • Complete and present pre-documentations of all the requirements and content you would need to develop a new website to your line manager.
  • Complete and present post-documentations of all the requirements and content you would need to develop a new website to your line manager.
  • Create detailed plan for websites to be built in 2014, a common timeline for all and resources list that are required to complete each website.


Working with us means passion, creativity and commitment. The job of Administrator & Customer Service Intern requires following skills and knowledge from the candidate:

  • Active in websites community and expperience in the fields of web development
  • Knowledge of web development.
  • Should know different CMS systems Drupal, Joomla, DotnetNuke, Wordpress,
  • Should know PHP, AJAX, DHTML, WebGL.
  • Python and Ruby are an advantage.
  • Should know basics of mobile application development Android, IOS, Windows Mobiles.
  • Ability to utilize SQL technologies.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Be flexible and proficient.
  • Familiarity with web development regulations.
  • Be able to meet deadlines.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Good people skills.
  • Be innovative and reliable.
  • Ability to work in stress, multi-task and deliver quality results
  • High level of self-organization
  • Efficient in executing tasks within short deadlines
  • Detailed oriented until the last point is figured out
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with negotiation capabilities
  • Ability to solve problems independently and fast decision-making skills
  • Reliability and proactivity first of all
  • Open minded, out-going, sociable and a team-player
  • Excellent English writing skills; Arabic is a plus

Onze stages zijn ook zeer geschikt voor meerdere stagiairs, afstudeerders en/of duo opdrachten!!

Overige Info:

How will we measure your success?
If we would have to sum-up your success, this is what it would be measured after periods of times:

  • Successful development and publication of websites with 100% proactivity and productivity, qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • All websites will be a profitable entity to the revenue of the company.
  • Not all websites will be able to produce profit, but we have to make sure that there are some websites of us which will generate profit to the revenue.


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