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You can do internships in Dubai in the capital Dubai which is also called Dubai. General information about life in Dubai and fun attractions here.

Internships in Doha

  • Doha is the beating heart of Qatar. More than 60% of the population lives there. Qatar is investing excessively to put Doha on the map as a major destination for tourists, businessmen and international companies. Doha is a fascinating city with traditional souks and historical buildings next to the the glitter and glamour of the new world that has been created with petrodollars. Whether it comes to water sports, clubs, cinemas, etc ... to make Qatar appealing to tourists, almost every form of entertainment you can imagine is cultivated. And if it is not there, it is being developed. If you are you interested in the Arab culture, then you would want to visit "the Museum of Islamic Art." For shopping you there is good hunting ground in the traditional bazaars and the ultramodern malls. Many products are cheap, because Qatar has no taxes, so shopping is tax free!

    SUV's blocking the Campus

    Especially the people are interesting. The original inhabitants of Qatar can be recognized by their spotless white robes (thobs). The state takes pampers them from cradle to grave and they have a carefree life. Top positions, free health care, free electricity and free water, no taxes, it ain't paradise, but it's a good start. To stay on top Qataris are encouraged by the leadership to be entrepreneurial, think big, develop leadership, study, etc. So you will see Qatari youth doing normal things like studying more and more. Which brings about parking problems and thus projects, because the Campuses or not build for the SUV's they come with.

    The World Cup in 2020 and internship opportunities in Doha Qatar

    The traditional population is the boss, but numerically it's a minority, as almost all work is outsourced to foreign companies and expatriates. Because of this 80 % of the Qatari population are foreign. This means that as an intern it is easy to connect with other international youth, who are also far away from home. Not everyone has a trouble free life, because next to the knowledge workers who get the fat pay checks, there are also people flow in for simple hands-on work. Although it is safe to say they are not exactly pampered, the Arab capitalism is apparently still attractive to them, as the workers keep coming in, even at the lower end of the market. Qatar also won the bid for the World Cup in 2020, which brings about even more business opportunities. Whether it comes to architecture, tourism or other business services in any shape or form, etc. interns are wanted! Many international companies hold office in Qatar or want to get in to have their piece of the pie and you can the one to help!

    Doing an internship in Dubai is excellent opportunity and expand your boundaries as you will be working in an international environment with lots of people with great ambition.

  • Short Facts Doha
    • Doha is the capital of Qatar
    • Location: west Qatar
    • Doha is hot. During the day, the Air Conditioning your closest friend
    • The population has quadrupled since 1996 from 220.000 to 850.000
    • 80% of the population comes from abroad
    • Doha is full of shopping malls, so shopping addicts will feel right at home
    • Travel time by plane: 8 hours
    • Currency: Rial
    • Language: Arabic / English

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